RCN:OceanObs Plenary Meeting 2012

The First RCN:OceanObs Plenary Meeting is being held in San Francisco, on Sunday 2 December 2012 (Parc 55 Wyndham Hotel)



Time Title Introducers
08:30 Introductions and logistics J. Pearlman; A. Williams

08:50 RCN Overview J. Pearlman [PRESENTATION]; A. Williams [PRESENTATION]
09:15 Invited presentation: The State of the ocean observations and ocean research

10:00 NSF perspectives

B. Houtman, NSF (USA)
10:25 Break

10:45 Ocean Information/ Open Data working group reports Data formats and standards: A. Williams, WHOI (USA) [REPORT][PRESENTATION]
Data Access Models: J. Orcutt, SIO (USA) [REPORT][PRESENTATION]
Data publication: L. Raymond, WHOI MBL (USA) [REPORT][PRESENTATION]

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Dialogue on Open Data tbd
14:30 Information Systems: OOI, IODE J. Orcutt (USA)

15:00 Outreach and Education S. Allen, CSIRO (Australia) [PPT]
S. Bernard (S. Africa)
15:15 Panel on interdisciplinary collaborations - biological and physical ocean sciences

E. Hoffman, C. Scholin, H. Sosik, D. Wright, R. Schmitt, C. Edwards

R. Spinrad (moderator) 

16:00 Break


16:20 Presentation: In situ and remote sensing: a marriage? J. Yoder, WHOI (USA) [ PRESENTATION]
16:45 Presentation: Underpinning Interoperability (COOPEUS) C. Waldmann, MARUM (Germany)
17:15 Presentation: Imagination - the Ocean X-Prize P. Bunje
17:40 RCN overview for 2013 J. Pearlman, A. Williams
18:00 Adjourn