About RCN

New technologies and approaches are emerging to vastly improve ocean observations. Cabled observatories are an example of a paradigm shift, providing a relative abundance of power and bandwidth for observations covering scales from cm to km and times from seconds to decades. Sensors traditionally only available in laboratories can now be adapted for in-situ observations. The potential for interdisciplinary collaboration is significant. To leverage this, an ocean observation Research Coordination Network (RCN:OceanObsNetwork) is proposed.

Research Coordination Activities

The OceanObsNetwork goals and objectives are to foster a broad, multi-disciplinary dialogue, enabling more effective use of sustained ocean observatories and observing systems. To achieve these, the activities for the RCN in the following areas are planned with the specific actions addressed in the subsection below:

  1. Approaches for Sustainability of Observing Systems
  2. Stimulating interdisciplinary cooperation
  3. Facilitating Open Exchange of Data and Information
  4. Promote Standards and Interoperability including approaches for common sensor builds  
  5. Improving the flow of critical information to key stakeholder
  6. Capacity Building
  7. Outreach and Community Building